How It Works

Hardware + Software + GSM Module

VisionTrak’s solutions combines hardware and software with an embedded GSM module to deliver you real-time tracking.

Accessories, such as temperature sensors, CCTV kit and driver ID, can also be installed as part of your solution.

Why GSM?

On some journeys, trucks can be out of GSM contact for up to 40% of the time, often resulting in the loss of critical data during the outage period.

A GSM module is embedded each hardware, making Vision Trak one of few asset tracking solutions that transmits transportation data in real time via GSM mobile communications for immediate and constant business analysis.

In the event of loss of GSM, the Store & Forward function allows for Upton MILLION pings Then when vehicle comes back into GSM area data is uploaded. However, the solution itself includes an omnidirectional antenna Compared to a standard single directional antenna, Vision Tralis antenna improves GSM signal and is 30% more reliable in transmitting data.


Depending on the solution you have installed, you will have access to all or some of the following,

  • Individual Vehicle and Group Summary Reports
  • Visit & Route Reports
  • Temperature Recordings
  • Depot Detection¬†
  • Driver Behaviour Information (speed and harsh braking events)
  • Virtual Trips (Any idling for more than 5 minutes)¬†
  • Parked Idle (Any idling for more than 10 minutes)
  • Overspend Exceptions
  • General Exceptions
  • Geo Overlay Events (Enter/Exit Depot)

Tamper-Proof Hardware

The Falcons Fox-3 Hardware used by Vision Trak is currently enclosed in a fire and water resistant box.

Asset tracking boxes are subjected to “accidental” high pressure water spray during vehicle cleaning which competitive products cannot withstand.

The Vision Trak case is both water and fire proof that can handle high pressure water jets as well as be penetrated by a GSM signal to enable mobile communications.