The best temperature and GPS tracking service for food companies

Monitor the activity and status of your tracked assets online and use the granular insights, to locate your asset or improve your fleet operations.

Temperature Tracking

Capture refrigerated and frozen temperatures in each of your vehicles and make sure you’re  HACCP compliant.

GPS Vehicle Tracking

Track where you fleet is at all  times and gain insight to driver behaviour. 

Pre & Post Behaviour Checklist

Enable your drivers to accurately complete their pre & post inspections, every time.

Driver ID Tracking

Identify which driver is operating a vehicle at all times and report on all of the vehicles which have been operated.

Why major food companies choose Vision Trak

Easy-to-use Summary Reports

Access real-time and historic Information on GPS, temperature and route tracking data of your vehicle or your fleet

Improve your fleet and business' performance

Captured data of engine run time, distance traveled, average trips, and  other analytics allow you to verify the performance of your fleet

Manage your driver and the longevity of your vehicles

The cost of driver behaviour is well known to business owners. Vision Trak helps monitor speed of vehicles as well as generating scorecards for harsh events. 

"We're able to see the temperature of all our fleets as well as the GPS, very critical to our business. The team has been fantastic to work with."
Jack Di Losa, Director of Operations
"Easy to use, cost effective and captures necessary data,I'm finding the accuracy of vehicle location along with temperature, the most valuable"
Vincent Yee, Operations Manager
"With vision Trak, there is more accuracy. A major boost for us was temperature tracking feature that could not have been done previously"
Peter D Poulos, Owner of Poulos Bros
"We use to always have an linkling captures that our truck was not operating properly, but now we have a system and a data logger that allows us to Log the activity of our truck off-site. "
Con Kyrimis, General Manager

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