New Multi Asset Visit Report

We are pleased to launch our new report

Vision Trak is committed and focused on enhancing your user experience by periodically introducing new features and enhancements.

For our customers with multiple vehicles, you can now run this new Multi Asset Visit Report, that will allow you to ascertain where your vehicles go within a particular day.

The Multi Asset Visit Report plots a route for each vehicle that has been selected, on a single map allowing you to compare these routes as they have been drawn. You can use this report to optimise your route management for your customer’s deliveries.

With this report, you can review each route taken and look for any overlapping in customer visits and routes driven, to implement more efficient delivery routes and the subsequent saving of driver time and vehicle fuel costs.

Each route will show detailed information relating to visits and idling events, with their respective visit information contained in each of the flags. You may further cycle through each stop effectively replaying each route.

As always, we would welcome any feedback and feature suggestions, which may be forwarded directly to