Track where your fleet is at all times and gain insight into driver behaviour

Vehicle tracking systems provide managers with insight into each vehicle’s status, overall performance, driver behaviour, and more, to help optimise the business, improve efficiency, and ultimately, customer service.

Analyze the performance of your fleet and gain an insight into important trends that unlock the progress toward KPIs. GPS fleet tracking makes it easy to locate, monitor, and report the activity of drivers, trucks, refrigerators, and deliveries.

Benefits of our GPS Tracking Solution


Eliminate time wasted between customers, sales, operations & drivers


Ensure your vehicles are driven more carefully


Save a minimum of 10% on fuel usage


Monitor temperatures to facilitate HACCP compliance


Meet OH&S requirements


Maximize your FTC & private road tax rebates

What our customers had to say…

“Sensational. Critical to our business in many ways.  Before Vision Trak, we use to always have an inkling that our truck was not operating properly, but now we have a system and a data logger that allows us to log the activity of our truck off-site which allows us to see what happened yesterday, and the day before.”

– Con Kyrimis, Mount Gambier Frozen Foods

“Alfred is always ready to answer any questions, very helpful – tends to my needs and is always at the ready.”

Paul Sanders, The Provedores

“Easy to use, cost effective and captures necessary data. I find Vision Trak valuable for its accuracy of vehicle location along with tracking temperature.”

– Vincent Yee, EWH Food Services

“Being with Vision Trak has been extremely valuable for Cold Xpress. The dashboard is extremely easy to use, simple and fast, we haven’t had any problems with the systems and are able to accurately collect data on temperature as well as location.”

Jack Di Losa, Cold Xpress

Seamlessly identify which driver is operating which vehicle

Our Driver ID system integrates with VisionTrak’s real-time GPS Vehicle Tracking so you can gather the most detailed picture of each driver’s behaviour and utilise or compare this data with any other back-office systems.

Reduce the administrative time in correlating hours worked or false claims to support documentation to parking tickets or speeding offenses.

Tailor the automated reporting to include the most important data points for you

Through 4G data transmission and our cloud-based portal, you can log into your dedicated account and:

  • Stream live events with a view of all camera recordings
  • Watch past or historic recordings
  • Access GPS and route tracking data
  • Review driver behaviour data

You can also access all historic data through an online portal accessible at any time of day.

Gain insight into driver behaviour and reduce costs

With Vision Trak’s GPS tracking system, know the specificities of all your driver behaviour. Reduce fuel wasting behaviour, such as speeding and harsh turning, idling time, and time at stops. Control the labour and improve costs by tracking the number of hours worked. 

Track the status of all your vehicles and get full visibility of your site with geofencing

With a Vision Trak GPS tracking system, know the specificities of all your driver behaviour. Reduce fuel wasting behaviour, such as speeding and harsh turning, idling time, and time at stops. Control the labour and improve costs by tracking the number of hours worked.

Minimise the risk of losing valuable assets

GPS tracking is a cost-saving tool that takes the holistic approach to save time, money and effort. Vision Trak reduces vehicle maintenance by ensuring vehicles are driven more carefully, both in fleet and driver capacity.

GPS vehicle tracking gives you a comprehensive view of your business in real-time. The data and management software allows fleet managers to make instant and more informed decisions as businesses operate.

Protect the health and safety of your employees and meet OH&S requirements

Driver safety – OH&S compliance and safety

  • Reduce the risk of accidents, injuries and vehicle damage. GPS Tracking not only records the location of your fleet, but also records each driver’s unsafe driving incidents that include speeding, harsh acceleration and braking, and cornering.
  • Safe driving habits have positive effects far beyond the road, by using data to measure incidents of unsafe driving behaviours, so that fleet managers can incentivise better driving habits to optimise profitability and efficiency.

Duress Button

  • Our duress button focuses on the safety of drivers and lone workers, and is used to track whereabouts, well-being, and used as an alert when in dangerous situations. Suitable for lone workers working in risk-prone, remote conditions, looking for location duress solutions.

Who our GPS Tracking is for

Dry Hire – Second ignition function

Capture your dry hire’s operations using Vision Trak’s second ignition function.

Supported by an integration that monitors all activations providing you with full transparency of your customer’s usage behaviours. Secure and report all operating times to mitigate the loss of company revenue.

Field Cars

AssetTrak for sales rep and field cards are compact and easy to install.
We offer car owners supreme vehicle security with the ability to monitor their vehicle anywhere, anytime, after they receive quick notification that their car has tampered.

Instant notification of authorities reduces the risk of vehicle write-offs and damage and a far greater chance of vehicle recovery.

Companies looking to claim for FTC

We’ve helped our clients claim on average $5,400 per vehicle on average on FTC.

One client who had 500 vehicles was able to claim $4.5M in FTC back dating.

Trusted by companies across Australia

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    This offer is for any food or cold chain company in Australia looking to trial temperature and GPS tracking for up to 6 refrigerated vehicles for 6 months.

    This is an all-inclusive offer which means the installation, access to the platform, sim cost and unlimited reporting is all included.