Dashboard Update

1. Visit Report

We have reworked the Visit report and removed data fields that were deemed confusing or irrelevant to the majority of users.

We have added the following to this report as per the previous update:

  • Enhanced Depot Detection Logic
  • Conditional Logic based on relevant events
  • Depot filtering
  • Information Icons

2. New Navigation Bar

3. New Full Screen Map

4. NewFull Screen Map

5. Hardware Profile Report Filtering

We have now introduced Hardware Report Filtering whereby we now hide unrelated columns of information throughout our various report if accessories are not installed.

For example, if an optional temperature solution is not installed then the report will no longer display this information.

With this update, we are now able to cater for multiple hardware profiles installations and only display the relevant information as needed.

Currently, we are working on adding additional features in conjunction with some new accessories reporting to our web tracking platform.