Get the ‘full picture’ with VisionTrak’s complete CCTV solution

VisionTrak’s fleet camera solution goes beyond the standard vehicle CCTV offer in the industry. Most CCTV equipment only provide a dual camera view that records the road and driver only.

With VisionTrak, you can select up to 6 cameras to have installed in the one fleet vehicle to get the full picture.

Transform CCTV to integrated fleet management

When connected and integrated with our real-time tracking solution, you can also:

Track GPS location

Record driving routes shown on a Google Map

Record driving behaviour including speed limits and event of harsh turning or breaking

Detect strong shocks through the embedded G-sensor and immediately record emergency events and keep files without being overwritten

Stream live recordings and access all historic data through the online portal

Through 3G data transmission and our cloud-based portal, you can log into your dedicated account and:

  • Stream live events with a view of all camera recordings
  • Watch past or historic recordings
  • Access GPS and route tracking data
  • Review driver behaviour data